Eco Control® was launched in 1990 with the drafting and detailing of an environmental care framework for hotels. At the time, an environmental quality mark had yet to be introduced for businesses. In 1994 the ECO LABEL® environmental care system became an important element in the European Union’s Avicenne project. It was rolled out to hundreds of hotels across Cyprus, Malta and Greece.

In 2000 the ECO LABEL® quality mark was included in Cyprus's master plan for the environment and tourism; a project significant to the admission requirements for their membership of the European Union. Almost all hotels were screened at the time. From 2001, the first (5 star) hotels became involved in the development of the American ECO LABEL®. This culminated in the presentation of the official charter by former president Bill Clinton in December 2002.

Since 2006, the ECO LABEL® environmental care system has been used in the construction of new hotels in Dubai. All manner of environmentally friendly provisions and energy savings are considered in the design phase and eventually make it into the actual construction. From the very moment of delivery, these hotels instantly meet with all the required environmental standards. The quality mark is also awarded to existing hotels in the United Arab Emirates.