Application procedure

The ECO LABEL® is managed by an independent organisation. Inspection and checks are also performed by independent organisations and institutions. Sometimes this can be in cooperation with government bodies, such as government agencies, environmental inspectors and supervisors. All environmental experts employed by the ECO LABEL® are certified. Only after a hotel has met with the required strictest standards can a certificate be awarded. This is followed up by annual checks and an evaluation of all the data collected. Information on samples taken for analyses (for example of swimming pool water) can be perused by logging on to the certificate holder's account.

The application procedure includes the following:

  1. Eco quick screening
    Upon application, a general overview will be drawn up of the anticipated activities. This will be compared with the hotel’s existing profile.

  2. Quotation
    The applicant will receive an obligation free quotation setting out the costs involved. Upon approval, an arrangement will be made for an immediate inspection.

  3. Environmental analyses
    All relevant environmental elements will be checked, samples taken and analyses performed. A provisional report will be drafted.

  4. Evaluation
    Strong and weaker points will be discussed with the client and, if required, points for improvement will be immediately indicated. A re-examination may be required. A final report will be subsequently drafted.

  5. Application
    An agreement will be drawn up and the checks recorded. The hotel will be required to adhere to the guidelines.

  6. Reporting the certification to the relevant authorities
    Upon being awarded the quality mark, this will be immediately reported to, for example, the licensing authorities, the environmental inspection agency and/or the sector association. If requested, the media will also be informed.

  7. Presentation of the certificate bearing the ECO LABEL® logo
    The ECO LABEL® logo is then free to be featured on websites, stationery, flags, etc. Information will be available for hotel guests upon request.
    Eco marketing advice will also be provided.


Does the hotel already possess
a quality mark?

If the hotel already possesses an environmental care system, then this can be integrated into the ECO LABEL® system. This will hasten a quicker conclusion and could save on costs.


Also available to other companies?

The ECO LABEL® was in the first instance set up for the benefit of the hotel sector. There have been trial projects in the past designed for other enterprises, such as for packaging and printing companies and different types of wholesalers. In principle, any business sector can utilise the ECO LABEL®. For further information, please contact us.